The laws of The Realm state that no indentured person may sing, but Ena Kenna’s contract expires when she is sixteen years old and working aboard a sailing vessel, The Meridian. Encouraged by her sister, Ena wants nothing more than to sing for the first time in her life as a free woman when her ambitious cousin comes aboard. Slowly, the crew is drawn into darker waters as they contend with myths, a young stow away, and a family of merchants trying to take control. Ena will have to find her voice to save her freedom or lose it all to an unseen danger lurking just outside the bay.

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When Ander gets caught out of bed during the summer of 1949, his father takes him to the garage and puts a gun in his hand. “You’re not ready to be a man, son.” At eighteen years old, Ander can’t believe his father’s words. To prove himself, he runs away to Carolina Beach as an adventure sport called scuba-diving hits the scene. There he meets Gail, a hot-shot diver, and Dean, a gentle giant with a secret even he doesn’t know. A mysterious evil pursues them to the bottom of the Atlantic and the team find themselves trapped underwater, running out of air with only seconds left. Ander is forced to live up to his father’s challenge before their minds dilute into the water forever.

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