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Week of TDC in Review : Video

Divesting From A Contributor To Poverty

It costs money to be sheltered. Food, water, and shelter are three basic necessities you have to buy. Think about it: what if you only had two dollars a day to spend on a house? If our Virginia weather is any indication I think you’d be screwed and our storms might be considered mild compared […]

The Two Gender Challenge

Gender. Lets apply an important college issue to the Two Dollar A Day Challenge.It’s a subject that has been targeted heavily by NGOs, IGOs, and Microfinances alike. Women and men may share the same space in their economic lives, but they often exist in very different worlds. I’m not just talking about staying at home to take […]

Don’t listen to me. I’m a college kid. I’m too idealistic.

No one knows enough when they’re 20. Last year this blog was about my experience abroad, but this time I’ll be participating in TDC from a college campus; a bubble sheltered from global poverty. Here, we college kids take on worldly issues almost as if we know what we’re doing. We’re going to school – we […]

8 Years of the Two Dollar A Day Challenge

This is the eighth year of the Two Dollar A Day Challenge (TDC) and I think its working. Every spring we come together to attempt a week on $2 a day and discuss what we do and don’t know about poverty. As it turns out, there is a lot we don’t know. It isn’t because […]