La Ceiba MFI

La Ceiba is a student-run client-centered microfinance institution that operates in El Progreso, Honduras. It provides financial and educational tools to clients in order to help them fight poverty at home and in the community. What sets the organization apart is the focus of putting the client before the organization itself. It recognizes the clients as full individuals that know their lives better than any institution. La Ceiba works to create and foster relations that take into account each person’s needs and, if necessary, sacrificing the needs of the organization itself to better the client’s situation. This means low interest rates on individual loans, and a myriad of strategies to keep the pressure off. It’s vision is a world in which the well being and agency of the client once again claims center stage in the microfinance community.

There also exists a powerful educational portion to this particular MFI, as it is primarily student-run. It is crucial to La Ceiba that the group is engendered with a moral clarity on the paramount importance of the client. Students are then left to develop projects and improvements to be implemented on the current system. As things grow and develop, La Ceiba works to alleviate poverty in an ethical manner by providing a drawing board for young minds. The contribution to the world of Microfinance via its means and events like Two Dollar A Day Challenge cannot be understated.


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  1. This is amazing, Jeff! Best of luck. I can’t wait to read about your experience.

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