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Dialogue Them Into Better Performance.

Performance Reviews and What They’re Worth – September 2017

Working in low-income communities, I’ve learned that leadership and management are not only skills that increase productivity, they can and should be empowerment skills as well. Dialogue, in particular, has become my go-to strategy for empowering the people who work for me. When I use it, I leverage my interpersonal relationships in favor of a greater good…

Women’s Empowerment Update

Progress in International Development – June 2017

In 2012, the World Bank took a stand with a detailed report confirming the correlation between women’s empowerment and economic development. The report firmly connected a country’s growth with the participation and inclusion of its female population, although they were careful not to say the word “cause.” While the correlation is strong, to date we have not confirmed that women’s empowerment causes economic development, and until we can rule out the alternative..


Where is the Community?

The importance of participatory development – May 2017

Today it is common knowledge that including the community in the development process is essential and the baseline of community development theory. The effectiveness of one’s project often hinges on how involved the community is in decision-making. Naturally, the more an organization communicates with community members the less cultural or social problems will arise later, but despite our agreement on this, it still proves to be very difficult to accomplish…

La Ceiba Microfinance

No More Stolen Stories

A Step-by-Step Guide to Exercising Narrative Humility – April 2017

The world of non-profit marketing is on the right track when it comes to raising awareness. We’re starting to realize that poverty porn is unacceptable. We’re moving away from displaying starved children and destitution, as if every developing country were a wasteland of poverty. In our need to advertise and garner donations, we’re turning to a new tactic: telling the stories of the poor…

Man Saves Countless of Wild Animals in Drought

https://appreciategoods.com/ – March 2017

In the scorching planes of Kenya, one might expect a wild animal to appear in the distance. On one bone-dry day in November, however, a new figure emerged lumbering over the hazy horizon: a big, blue truck. In the driver’s seat sat Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua, a local pea farmer. He hauled with him 10 thousand liters of water over the dusty road. Nine bull elephants, which might be prone to charge, watched him as he arrived without a fuss…

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