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Two Dollar Challenge : Campus Edition UMW

The Two Dollar A Day challenge itself is primarily an educational exercise and a fundraising tool. Participants experience the constraints faced by nearly half the world’s population for five consecutive days. Sleeping outside in makeshift shelters, boiling all water before consumption, and paying for everything with two dollars a day provides an informative if not difficult challenge for anyone. It is an exposure of contrasts between our daily life within and outside the exercise. This year I will be taking the challenge at the University of Mary Washington to raise awareness and funds for La Ceiba Microfinance. The idea has now spread to many other campuses. To learn more about the challenge, I suggest visiting the website and getting involved.

My Timeline

April 5th – 7th

Participate in the advanced to intermediate levels of TDC. This means living on $2 a day, sleeping outside on Ball Circle, and taking time each afternoon to reflect and discuss issues relating to poverty.

April 8th – 11th

Four days without eating to finish the challenge.


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