The purpose of the challenge is a simple one: I am involved in and highly admire the work of La Ceiba MFI and want to raise as much money as possible to fund the coming year’s efforts. My personal motive is a little lengthier in its explanation. The short version is that I am not vehemently passionate about ending poverty, nor am I a poster boy for Microfinance on the whole. In one form or another I want to see if I can, but the lack of an altruistic drive does not mean that I do not fully support the work of groups like La Ceiba. This challenge is a means to better understand, explore, and ultimately further the cause of alleviating poverty in which I whole-heartedly believe is the right thing to do. I feel La Ceiba embodies this notion, and in a time when many of my generation are entering the work force, this challenge is a useful tool to investigate the avenue of careers that better humanity. La Ceiba and the utility of microfinance fuels and inspires my personal motivations to carry out the Month of TDC.


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