Living abroad exaggerates the regular ups and downs of life. The highs become really high and the lows become really low. As a freelance writer, Suddenly-Human is my platform for documenting those extremes.

Adventures remove us from the average-everydayness of life and we get to discover the little nuances that we usually overlooked. The downs are humbling, enlightening, and sad; an interaction with someone living in poverty really makes us question our own issues. The highs are exciting, enriching, and beautiful; a mother raising enough money to put her kids through school is touching and powerful. I want to share these experiences with you the reader. I want to tell you about the aesthetic worlds and the harsh realities I encounter.

It’s the little things that matter and make us feel like we’re a part of something greater. They come out of the wood-work when we’re traveling. Abruptly, we approach the world authentically. These are the experiences I get thrown into, where I find myself becoming Suddenly-Human.



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