I want to move through the world using my values to make decisions. As a freelance writer, Suddenly-Human is my platform for demonstrating my beliefs using stories, and exploring principles of Service, Wisdom, Empathy, Self-Reliance, Commitment, Acceptance, and Meaning.

Each blog encompasses one of these values. These are the moments when we dedicate our lives to others and adjust ourselves to improve our world. In these instances, when our adventures help us to understand the feelings of others, we feel Suddenly-Human.

To access these moments, and catch them as we live fast lives, we need a common unit of understanding. We need a way to exchange worthless tokens that reveal where we find real worth. In today’s globalized world, there’s only one thing that makes this possible, and I’ve chosen to follow and study its movements.

That unit is Money.


Finance is incidental to my career. It’s just the most efficient way of measuring a person’s values as they see it, but inherently worthless and abhorrent as a pursuit in-and-of itself. That is, unless, you don’t have enough to survive. In that case, profit comes first, and there is no choice but to feed and protect your family.

Therefore, I travel the world trying to ensure people have the well-being and capacity to live with their values. I speak three languages: English, Spanish, and money. I get excited when I tell stories in these vernaculars, using them to intrigue people in the things they otherwise wouldn’t see. I bring meaning out of numbers.

Please – contact me. Call me. Tell me how you’re moving through the world and how your beliefs affect your life. It doesn’t have to be about finance, but if that’s the language you want to learn, I’m more than happy to hear your story and study your art.



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