I want to interest people in the world around them. As a freelance writer, Suddenly-Human is my platform for doing so.

When we’re interested in something, our humanity blossoms. We go down the rabbit hole to find out something new about ourselves. When we do, we feel Suddenly Human.

I work in personal finance, so my blogs focus on that, but finances are incidental to my career. It’s just one way of making the verb ‘interest’ actionable, and people happen to pay me for it.

I speak three languages: English, Spanish, and money. I get excited when I tell stories in these vernaculars. I use them to intrigue people in the things they otherwise wouldn’t see. I bring meaning out of numbers.

I can write for you, cook for you, investigate for you – I dissect movie scenes and explain the nuances in a rock climbing route. It doesn’t matter – I just want to evoke your curiosity and hold it to your surroundings.

Please – contact me. Call me. Interest me in your world. It doesn’t have to be about finance, but if that’s the language you want to learn, I’m more than happy to hear your story and study your art.


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